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Rarissimes de nos jours les chanteuses comme Sarah Jane Rameau qui refusent les sentiers battus, qui par-dessus le marché font passer dans leur art, leur état d’âme, sans sombrer dans le pathos!

Ticket Magazine - Le Nouvelliste - Haiti



Sarah Jane Rameau is a citizen of the world and affirms it through her musical career.


Sarah Jane starts her first musical trip to Montreal, in 2009 with a first Youtube release of an accapella version of Black & Gold by Sam Sparrow and has never stopped.               


During ten years lived on the one hand in Montreal and on the other hand in Bordeaux, she enriches her artistic range by acquiring an architectural diploma and in parallel, immersing herself in the musical universe of each of these Two cities sharing the stage of many theaters with many Haitian and French talents of the old and new generation.   


Unstoppable, Sarah Jane already announces a promising start of career by releasing in 2012 her first EP named "Introducing ... SJ" through which influences Jazz, accapella, and pop intonations take shape. "Raindrop"released in 2014 produced by the French producer Vax-1 marks the beginning of an assertion of her artistic identity: The text whose poetics directs towards introspection and the jazz rhythm intertwined Pop and Funk already describe the colorful personality , Playful and profound of the artist.               

Back in her hometown since April 2015, Sarah Jane plays in the court of the great and participates in important shows including the 10th edition  of Port-au-Prince's 10th Edition Jazz Festival or the commemoration of the Independence of the United States At the residences of the Ambassador in Haiti on 4 July 2016. In March 2017, she released her concept album, named "Lost Breed", a social album recounting her return to the fold and whose original repertory revolves around Nu Pop Jazz style.


After a successful experience in Haiti, Sarah Jane is willing to extend her musical career as far as possible throughout the world and with her unique voice and style, she intends to evolve Haitian music to the international contemporary world. She is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of her generation on the Haitian and international music scene.



Koze Kilti, RFI

Elle s’appelle Sarah Jane Rameau, elle porte bon gré mal gré une casquette d’architecte, mais ce qu’elle fait de fait dans la vie, c’est envoûter les âmes avec sa voix à la rare finesse.


Le Nouvelliste

«Par-delà la présentation des morceaux, elle a fait valoir son savoir-faire en matière de maîtrise de la scène. Le Royal Oasis, bondé de monde, a apprécié également l’impeccable show visuel, peu commun sur le marché haïtien."


Kreyolicious Magazine

« I happened to stumble on Sarah Jane Rameau’s Soundcloud from a mention on Twitter and after deciding to give her a listn ,I thought immediately of jazz greats Ella  Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday...and even Eartha Kitt. .»





"I find myself in my own country, in the same house,

in the midst of these same people with similar mentalities,

after ten years lived around the world, far from everything I knew .




October 27, 2017

Pour la première fois à Bordeaux. 

Le Caillou du Jardin Botanique vous présente Sarah Jane Rameau & Band. 

Pour entrée : 

Lost Breed

March 02, 2017

Sarah Jane Rameau et son quartet nous reviennent sur la scène cette fois dans le cadre de JEDI MIZIK à l'Institut Français d'Haiti, ce jeudi 2 Mars 2017 pour nous annoncer son nouvel album concept LOST BREED, sortie et vente signature prévue pour la mi-mars. Soyez des nôtres pour l'écouter chanter et vous immerger dans son univers!

Lost Breed Show and Album Signing

March 18, 2017

La Chambre Franco-Haïtienne de Commerce et d'Industrie (CFHCI) présente, le samedi 18 mars 2017 à 7h pm à l'Hotel Oasis, le spectacle et la vente signature de l'album LOST BREED de Sarah Jane RAMEAU

Lost Breed World Web Release

March 18, 2017

This is the Lost Breed Album Release on every web platform

10ème Édition du Festival de Jazz de Port-au-Prince

January 29, 2016

Sarah Jane Rameau performed for the Tenth Edition of the Port-au-Prince's Jazz Festival

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